Psychological profiling of candidates on managerial positions

Satisfied and committed employees bring good energy, dedication and results. Ideally, the vision of the individual should match the vision and the strategy of the company. In the light of this, you can apply a special approach during the hiring process to get to know the future member of your team and perform the hiring process in such a way that the decision-making of the individual and of the company benefit both sides.

Benefits of psychological profiling

  • gain a clear image of the individual;
  • learn what motivates them and how they operate;
  • what is their manner of managing, setting strategies and operation;
  • what are their potentials, skills;
  • gain insight into what manner of management, motivation and communication is best suited to the individual if you chose to hire them.

Psychological profiling involves an in-depth interview with the candidate. Furthermore, at the request of the client, we may use verified, frequently used and internationally recognised tools candidate profiling.


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HR Consulting

Your company’s HR department may be focussed solely on administration and legal documentation or it may also contribute to creating the culture and strategy of the company and be a support pillar for ensuring the satisfaction, growth and results of the employees and the company.

HR consulting in the following areas:

  • Introducing and optimising HR processes: processes that work, are efficient and are implemented in a way that ensures agility, results and compliance with labour law;
  • semi-/annual discussions with employees, success evaluation: introducing a method for success evaluation that is tailored to your method of operation;
  • hiring processes: efficient and reliable processes that contribute to hiring candidates that are best suited for your company in the long run;
  • establishing teams: based on the work requirements, projects and the experience and wishes of individuals;
  • payment systems: establishing payment systems that are suitable for your company;
  • onboarding: the process of introducing new co-workers, which allows them to acquire all the information they need to work successfully and integrate into the existing team in the shortest time possible;
  • company’s culture: establishing and maintaining culture and values;
  • other areas of HR services.


We offer consulting in all the mentioned areas and other fields of Human Resources. The purpose of the consulting is individually adapted to individual companies, their needs and objectives. The counselling is prepared based on a thorough review of the wishes and objectives of the company.


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Coaching is a process that helps realise the individual’s potential through raising awareness, achieving desired objectives and using behavioural techniques that individuals can introduce in their activity. It is based on the concept that every individual is competent, resourceful and empowered – during coaching the individual’s qualities are exposed, redefined and new ways of their application are determined, both at work, in achieving objectives and creating teams and team spirit.

Coaching advantages:

  • Achieve desired objectives and results;
  • New insights and techniques for dealing with specific situations;
  • Personal and business growth;
  • Empower the individual and discover virtues, strengths, motivational impulses and ways that the individual acts;
  • Improve efficiency and performance in business environment


  • In coaching process, we can use psychometric tests or questionnaires which help us determine the state of the individual and the desired state after the coaching process is completed (their use depends on the client and the objectives of the individual who attends coaching).
  • Meetings: an introductory meeting where it is determined what the coaching is intended for, what we aim to achieve with the coaching; 3 – 6 meetings (depending on the topic), the emphasis is on specific objectives defined by the client and the final meeting intended to complete the coaching program.
  • The coaching process itself can be adjusted at the client’s request.



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