How to successfully onboard a new employee

We have hired a new candidate who is to join us in a month’s time. What can we do prior to his arrival and what after he joins us? Whether our company is small or big – if in the company, things are moving at a very fast pace – we should consciously take the time to provide the new employee all the necessary information in the shortest possible time in order to enable him to successfully integrate into the team and start working on tasks, for which he was hired. We have to bear in mind that a new environment is stressful for many people; therefore, we should strive to provide him the most pleasant experience of transition.


It often happens that an individual does not start working immediately, usually because of a notice period in connection with the previous post or he just wants to take some time off before taking up a new position. This gives us a great opportunity to prepare everything in advance – from ordering the equipment to determining who will be the individual’s mentor, who will take on the task of job coaching and what will the coaching process cover.


We are all well familiar with the following situation: an increased number of new projects is on the way and we are just in the process of completing the old ones, in addition, new employees are joining us. At such moments, we must consciously take the time and think carefully about how to ensure smooth job coaching – only this way can the new employee feel accepted and realise that we have invested energy in the job coaching process; this will enable him to reflect upon the process itself. Furthermore, if we give him all the necessary information at the beginning, he will be able to start carrying out tasks, for which he was hired, more quickly. It would be desirable to schedule meetings or time bands on the calendar, designated exclusively to the employee, prior to his arrival. Thus, when the individual actually joins us, there will be no room for unannounced meetings on the calendar.


Who is the person who knows the most about the field of work in which the new employee will work? Sometimes the mentor is also the leader of the individual, but sometimes the role of the mentor is assumed by another team member (this also motivates the newly created mentor – more about that at another occasion). The mentor is supposed to be a person, to whom the individual can turn to with all questions; furthermore, the mentor’s task is to explain to the new employee individual processes in the department, the mode of work, tools used, and where to get all the required information? Usually, the mentor provides advice, corrections and incentives for the carried out work.


Upon the introduction of a new employee, we should start at the beginning, with the basics – show and explain where the toilets, the kitchen, the team, with which he will work, when and where to go for snacks, what are the unwritten rules of the office, unofficial socialising, etc.

Afterwards we should focus on concrete information, which the individual needs in order to work effectively – meetings (regular or not) in connection with the department, to which he has joined, where to get all the required information, the work that will be carried out during the first week, the first month, and the first half of the year. The task of the leader is also to present the expectations, the level of quality, the way of work and reporting. We should discuss the processes at the level of the whole company, not just the department: which meetings are regular (for example, monthly meetings for the whole company), and explain the tasks of each department. This way, we provide the individual with a bigger picture, which could not be fully disclosed during the employment process itself.


One of the most touching things we can do for the new employee on his first working day is to prepare him a welcome package. It does not have to be big, but it will mean a lot. The welcome package may include company shirts, pens, notebooks, personalised cups, welcome balloons – briefly, something that will give the individual an impression that he has started on a new path and that we are happy to be able to create and walk alongside him.

Irrespective of the indicated – the best way to successfully welcome a new team member is to step into his shoes. Imagine what we would need in order to feel accepted, get all the required information and start building good relations with the new team.

A key part of the team, which will most likely be involved in introducing new employees, is the manager of the individual joining the company. We can help you with the management workshop, that will reveal how to be a good leader, role model and motivator for colleagues.