Why us?

Verity is me, Vanja Flis.

I believe that everyone who enjoys their work is making the world a better place. I have experienced this first hand, which is why I decided to follow the path of an independent entrepreneur. I offer business consulting and education to companies. I follow innovative methods to help with HR services, in establishing hiring processes, and in the performance of psychological tests. I provide them with personalised workshops that contribute to better communication, effortless teamwork, better management, more successful hiring and, in the long term, lead to better collaboration within teams.

I find joy in people, teams and those little sparks in the eyes of those who follow their dreams and do their job with a smile on their face. I wish to help companies improve the relationships between their employees and enable them to find joy in what they do. Furthermore, I try to provide them with answers on how to make teams and individuals grow, develop and achieve their potentials.

I am a graduated psychologist and I acquired my experience working in the company Ekipa2 d.o.o., where I managed various HR projects for more than 200 employees of the Outfit7 group and led a Human Resources department of five employees. Together we have achieved numerous successes at the global level; the applications have now been downloaded over 7.7 billion times and have a total of 350 million active monthly users. I contributed to the development of the company at the time of its most significant growth and increased international success. Together we have celebrated each additional billion users and each new application, we have connected at teambuilding events, established semi-annual reviews and the employment procedure, as well as its technical support, and developed a culture, procedures for introducing new co-workers, mentorship, leadership and many more.

I believe that progress is found outside of one’s comfort zone, therefore, I invest in constant growth and education – in my personal and business life.

Vanja Flis

Vanja Flis



What do we offer?

Verity offers business consulting and education for guaranteed success and results. We can help you with your HR services, with establishing hiring processes, and with the performance of psychological tests. We offer companies personalised workshops that contribute to better communication, effortless teamwork, better management, more successful hiring and, in the long term, lead to better collaboration within teams. We offer individual coaching, which enables empowerment of individuals and elevating their potential.

A company’s success is closely intertwined with the well-being of its employees. Ensuring suitable tasks and good communication, providing new experiences and personal challenges at work, appointing the right personnel to the right work positions – these are factors that have a key role in contributing to the success, growth and satisfactory operation of your company.

We offer innovative, contemporary and efficient solutions tailored especially to you, your company and your employees, which will allow you to achieve a unified team, satisfied employees and good business results.

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